Instant Karma, Bike thief hits head on concrete during escape, and dies

Bike snatcher gets instant Karma

The deceased criminal who shot the owner of the bike before snatching it in Ogun State, fell into a ditch and died after hitting his head on the concrete during his bid to escape.

In a cruel twist of fate, a bike snatcher got instant karma when he fell into a ditch and died after hitting his head on the concrete during his bid to escape with a stolen bike.

According to the reports, the deceased criminal had shot the owner of the bike before snatching it in Ogun State. Police Public Relations Officer for the state, Abimbola Oyeyemi, said: “The armed robber, who pretended to be a passenger, boarded the motorcycle, but suddenly brought out a locally-made double-barreled pistol and asked the rider, Toyin Ayoade, to surrender his bike.

“While the rider was struggling with him, he shot him on the hand and took possession of the motorcycle. A distress call was made, which the people of the community to give the suspect hot chase.

“But as he was running away with the bike, he fell into a ditch and hit his head on a concrete culvert. He died on the spot.”

Oyeyemi added that said that a locally-made double-barreled pistol, two live cartridges and the snatched motorcycle were recovered from the deceased suspect.

The PR Officer state that the victim has been taken to a hospital and is recuperating.

Also The Babalawo, 5 others nabbed for serial ‘Okada’ theft

popular ‘babalawo’ (herbalist), in Ore town of Ondo State, Rasaki Oyeyemi, as well as five other suspects involved in a criminal gang of ‘Okada’ (motorcycle) snatchers, has been arrested by police detectives in the state, following intelligence report.

The suspected ring leader of the gang, Tunde Adeyemi, according to the police, had been on the wanted list for years and was picked up at his hideout at Asewele Korode, area of the town by a team of detectives while the others were arrested at various locations including Lagos and Ogun States.

They are John Patrick of Majidun, Ikorodu, Lagos State, Adebayo Abiodun of Idobi Ijebu Ode, Ogun State, Azeez Odunayo and Ohoya Ojo both of Asewele Korode, and Kunle Robert of Ajegunle Street, Ondo.

The suspects revealed that Rasaki, was their ‘spiritual backer’ whom they consulted for fortification before embarking on any of their operations.

Police source said Rasaki had confessed that one of the suspects contacted him to be part of the gang and be supporting them ‘spiritually.’

The suspects modus operandi included robbing owners of the motorcycles after luring them to a lonely place late at night under the guise of chartering them for a mouth watering fares.

It was also learned that the gang also go to ceremonies and steal motorcycles parked by owners after which they would change the plat numbers and sell to unsuspecting members of the public.


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