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DNA Twin brothers talk on comparison with P-Square, signing for Mavins and evolving as artists

First, it is DNA and not DNA Twins, one half of the brothers clarified as they prepared for their exclusive interview with Pulse, it was our fans that added the twins.

The brothers, real name, Clinton and Blair Roberts, first popped on our radar in 2013 when they participated in the Glo X-Factor reality show.

Their hard to differentiate semblance was a strong appeal, perhaps even more than their talents, as Nigerians were awed with the latest story of identical brothers on the music scene.

Three years later, and they re-emerged on the first season of The Voice Nigeria, a bigger platform that opened them to a larger audience and even though they did not win the competition, they bagged as much followership as the eventual winners.

Many anticipated that the group would build on the platform and it was not much of a surprise when in 2017, Mavin Records owned by prolific beatmaker Don Jazzy unveiled three new signings in alternative act, Johnny Drille, rapper Poe and the DNA brothers to the excitement of a lot of their fans.

On being signed to Mavins, the brothers admit that it was a huge deal to be on one of the biggest platforms in the country, ”We are not anywhere close to where we want to be, but we are at the right place, the right label and we are taking it one step at a time”.

Despite releasing three singles including the video for Adanma featuring Mayorkun, the twins admit they are still at the development stage of their career and there is no rush to deliver a body of work.

 ”There are no plans of an album from us this year, we just want to continue with more singles. For now it is just more fire singles, more videos, we might just drop an EP but definitely not an album, there is no focus on that yet”.

Every time the name DNA is mentioned, another group that comes into the conversation is P-Square.

The duo of Peter and Paul Okoye were the darling of the industry before their spilt and many have often compared DNA to the Okoye brothers but they are refusing to be drawn into the conversation and are quick to clarify,

”DNA is DNA, P-Square is P-Square, they are legends and it is actually a great thing to be compared to them, it means we are doing something right but at the same time, we are different, we are DNA.

‘We even get a lot of people asking us to sing like P-Square, some others say, don’t try to sound like P-Square, advising us to do trap music, because of how we look, but DNA is DNA”.

Outside music, the brothers have been revealed for the second season running as hosts of urban TV Show titled, Music Buzz and even though they sound excited at the prospect of the opportunities that the show has brought their way, they are clear that the music remains the major thing for them.

Life, they say is not fair and reality TV show participants know this best, from being the talk of the town for the duration of the programme to struggling to get notice months after the dust has settled, the brothers are of the opinion that a lot of reality show winners have struggled to handle the pressure that comes with the occassion.

Clinton explains, ”There is constant pressure in the industry and I feel like when you come out of it, you need to be quick with the next phase of your plan”.

Brother Blair is quick to chip in, ”Sometimes it is the distraction; you come out of a reality show and you famous, but the fame is for a short period of time’.

Ultimately the brothers are pleased with the progress of their career and are ready to embrace the process that comes with it, but jumping on a cut and paste approach to success is not one that endears them, music they say is their life and living it to its fullest is what they plan to achieve.


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