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Dotun OAP gets a taste of SARS treatment over colour of hair


Looks like the list of celebrities that have been harassed by men of the Special Armed Robbery Squad (SARS) will continue to be on the increase with On-Air personality, Dotun as their latest prey.

According to Dotun, who took to his Twitter page to write about his frustrations in the hands of the special police officers, revealed how he was stopped because of his hair which we all know has a signature colour.

“SARS kuku catch me finally cos of my hair. My ID saved me. It was so funny. They were so convinced they’ve caught a yahoo boy. 6 fully armed men but one was aware. He said “Do2dtun abi” I replied “Yes”… he said “Dey go, I sabi you”…” breath in and out”. “I am like when do you become your hair? It was so funny. They blocked my car at ikota but it made even more sense that they actually can pick you for the littlest things. God save us,” he tweeted.

Maybe we would soon move for a T.V. series where celebrities get to talk about their experiences in the hands of SARS officers because the list is endless.

Jhybo in SARS drama over gun photo on his phone

Jhybo was recently arrested by men of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad also known as SARS over a photo of the rapper holding a gun in his phone. The rapper took to his Twitter handle on Tuesday, May 15, 2018, where he shared his experience in the hands of the overzealous officers.

“Yesternight I was held by Sars men, along “Oba Akran” after he forcefully checked my phone n found this pic.. he said “ I’m gonna hold you cus u carrying Rifle  n wearing khaki”.. I was like can u see I was on set shooting my m/video, yet he wunt allow me go….. senseless !!!” he tweeted.


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