The Trouble of Lagos

Lagos is said to be the land of milk and honey, because opportunities are prone to all, the rich, the poor and the inbetweens. The land filled with yellow buses moving to and fro, speed and slow, such a beautiful scene. Well it is true lagos is all that, but living the life in lagos is constantly being stucked in an un-ending terrific traffic

Traffic in lagos is terrible, in the sense that you can stay up to four hours stucked in traffic, it dosnt sound like milk and honney right? Yeah.

A typical lagos life is to leave where ever you are going to your destination two hours before, if you want to get there at the estimated time, yeah, that how bad it is. Pray not to be stucked in traffic on a very sunny day that is close to hell especially in a comerical bus populary known as Danfo. We hope that one day the issues of traffic would be finally dealt with once and for all in lagos.

Leave us a comment bellow about your lagos experience, in the comment box bellow

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