Argentina great loss against Croatia

Argentina has been beaten by Croatia three goals to nil and these have left the whole Crowd wowed, and speechless, what an unbelievable history, well the final goal sealed up the faith for the Argentines.

The match started strong durring the first half leaving them with no goal from both countries.

The second half was where all the fun started, the first goal was from a reckless mistake from the goal keeper, atempting to cheap the striker which failed and left the net thirty for goals, the goal was scored by A.Rebic

The second goal was scored by the Realmadrid midfielder and Croatia captain L.Modric i must confess, that goal was a well taken goal and can not be forgotten in the worldcup, the third goal was from Rakitic the Barcelona star which sealed up the Argentine faith, leaving them sad for the evening.

This leaves us wondering if L.Messi dreams of wining the worldcup can be achieved, leave us a comment below, on your opinion about this, thanks.

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