FIFA WorldCup

Nigerians are Happy for the first time in 2018

Nigeria celebrated there great win against Iceland in the fifa 2018 world cup yesterday, 22nd of june,2018.

The game was a goalless first half, leaving both countries desperate for goals.

The second half was a twist of turn, As the Nigerian Foward MUSA recieved a well taken cross from Victor Mosses, he controls the ball from mid air and drive it in into the net, leaving the Iceleand goal keeper helpless.

The second goal was also from the Nigerian foward Musa, he rans with the ball towards the Iceland box and dribbles two deffender and left a breattaking shot on goal, leaving the The Iceland goal keeper defenseless…..

The match ended 2-0 in favour of the super eagels, leaving nigeria second in their group just after Croatia.

They are just one step on qualifying from the group stage if they can defeat or draw against Argentina in their upcoming match…

Leave us a coment below on what you think, Would Nigeria be able defeat Argentina?


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