FIFA WorldCup

The super eagels are coming back home from Russia

The Super Eagels Faced Argentina today for the final match in the group stage in the Fifa 2018 worldcup.

Argentina were the first to goal in by a beautiful ball by lionel messi, which was his first goal in the worldcup, though he seems to have been really depressed and was on tension because of the last game which they lost against Croatia which was 3-0 in favour of Croatia

The second goal was a penalty secured for Nigeria, and was taken by Victor moses the chealsea star, who equalised the game and turned the beat of the music for the Argentines

Unfortunately for the super eagels M. Rojo, the Argentines foward at the 86 minutes cheaped a beautiful goal in which sealed up the faith of the super eagels. The match ended 2-1 in favour of the Argentines, leaving them a spot at the upcoming Round of 16 for the fifa worldcup 2018.

Well the super eagles have reached the end of the line for them at the Fifa world cup alongside with Iceland for they were at the bottom of the group.


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