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Bobrisky Shares Emotional Post Alongside Throwback Post

Do you guys remember Bob Risky, Who does not know Bob in Nigeria?, Foreigners may not know him sha, but he is popular in Nigeria as the Guy that dresses and Behaves and even Looks as a girl. The first day i knew about him i really taught he was a girl until i did my investigations. Anyways the Popular Nigerian crossdresser, Bobrisky shared an emotional throwback photo from ten years ago as he revealed he was suffering with no mother to care.

He even revealed that he studied at the University of Lagos, but didn’t mention if he graduated from the school.

He then went further to beseech his critics to desist from hating on him and they should rather leave his page if he annoys them.

He wrote:

“Dis was me ten yrs back suffering with no mother to care for me ��. I lost my mum few month before dis pic. Out of my suffering I still struggled to sponsor myself to university of Lagos. I study accounting….At dis time of me depression was living inside me but I choose to overcome it.

Where are the Nigeria police to help me then �, where are the federal govt then to provide job opportunity to the fresh graduates. Now people wanna judge me �. I choose not to be anything to make money such as Robery,fraudsters, killer etc…. but hustle hard with wat I know.

If u don’t want God punish u just leave Bobrisky alone !!!!!. Now I’m a millionaire everybody wanna be a judge �‍⚖️. Pls be careful. If u don’t like my page pls just use ur unfollow button I beg u. Love u”


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