Police arrest petrol station attendants for helping with ATM fraudsters in Abuja

Wonders shall never end, The rate of fraud and criminal activities in Nigeria is Alarming, once you think you have seen it all, another way would pop up!.

Police arrest petrol station attendants for conniving with ATM fraudsters in Abuja

We just got a report that The Police Command in Abuja have arrested four filling station attendants and their manager for joining forces with suspected fraudsters who stole an Automated Teller Machine card (ATM) belonging to one Alhaji Usman Ahmadu and withdrew N950,000 from his account. Can you Imagine!, Money someone worked for!!!!!

Well, Ahmadu complained to the police that his card got stuck in the ATM, adding that around  1.30am on March 30, he received a debit alert of N950,000. Ciroma stated that upon receiving the complaint, police detectives with the cooperation of the bank officials identified and arrested the suspects.

He said, “The suspects, admitted to the crime, and stated that on that fateful day, the victim, who went to withdraw money at the ATM was finding it difficult to do so.

“He then asked them for assistance and in the process, they swapped his card with their own fake card. On how they got his PIN, they said the gang leader stood directly behind the victim and since the card was fake, he had to enter the pin several times.

“They then moved to the filling station on the Kubwa Expressway, where they have an accomplice by name Henry, who used POS to transfer the money into their account and remitted cash equivalent to the company.”

Thank God they have arrested them Today. What do you guys have to say about the rate of Fraud in Nigeria. Leave a comment below

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