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Chicken Republic Plans to Celebrates 2019 Children’s Day in a special way

Chicken Republic Prepares to mark 2019 Children?s Day with ?Kids Say the Most Hilarious Things? Campaign

Nigeria’s leading fast food Brand, Chicken Republic launched a CSR campaign, “Kids Say the Most Hilarious Things” in a bid to celebrate children’s wittiness and their comic qualities, while providing them a chance to win an opportunity to pay off N200,000 of their tuition fees and for the child’s school to receive the same value as a donation towards the school.

Terms and Conditions

Chicken Republic Prepares to mark 2019 Children?s Day with ?Kids Say the Most Hilarious Things? Campaign

Entries for the campaign is slated to commence on 20th May 2019 and close on 5th June 2019, following which the post with the most likes will emerge winner of the star prize of N200,000 towards the child’s education. Also,Educational Development Support worth N200,000 will also be donated to the winning child’s school.In addition, five runners up in the competition will win N20,000 each in meal vouchers from Chicken Republic.

Meanwhile, participants in the competition must be 18years and above to be eligible to post a comment, while stories must pertain to children not more than 13 years. Terms and Conditions will be posted on all Chicken Republic social media platforms.

Chicken Republic is a world-class home grown modern African QSR Brand, which began operations in 2004 and has engrained itself as one of the most customer-centric Brands in West Africa in terms of product quality, affordability,customer service and experience. The brand has opened over 72 restaurants within major cities in Nigeria and Ghana, making it the fastest growing chicken brand in West Africa.

Mr. David Butler, in his final words added that the Company will have more than 100 restaurants in operation by the end of 2019 and 360 by 2023. He also confirmed that they are positioned to further expand and open additional Brands in new and existing communities following continuous requests from their customer.

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