Monthly Archives: June 2019

Alibaba shares the ‘perfect’ solution for traffic in Lagos State

Comedian, Alibaba has come up with a ‘solution’ to the traffic problem in Lagos State. I know what you are thinking, It must be a joke, but NO!. Sometimes, Most solutions started from a joke. Alibaba who spent 3-hours in traffic yesterday took to Instagram to share his idea. Read below… Spent 3 hours today… and came to the conclusion

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President Buhari assures Nigerians that their sacrifices in voting him again would not be in vain

I must confess, i think Mr presido, has started picking up, if not for any area, i think the police are doing better than they were before. Whatd o you think.?? Any way President Buhari has come out to say that the sacrifices Nigerians made in voting him again into office during the 2019 general election, will never be in

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