Wizkid Shares Photos With Son

Starboy took to web-based social networking to share photographs of himself with his child, Zion. This is not long after Zion’s mother, Jada Pollock took to web-based social networking to report that she is no longer in an association with Wizkid and isn’t working with him once more.


Her purpose behind dumping the starboy irritated on aggressive behavior at home, as she affirmed that the much-cherished starboy has been physically manhandling her for quite a long time. As indicated by her, she attempted to endure the consistent maltreatment with the expectation that he will one day turn another leaf, particularly for his child. In any case, when he was unrepentant, she finished their undertaking.

Since her side of the story hit the wireless transmission, devotees of Wizkid have been trusting that the vocalist will turn out and respond to his babymama’s case. In any case, rather than doing true to form by fans, the vocalist rather shared pictures of him and his child to assume that everything is great among him and his child. In any case, he let Jada well enough alone for the image, leaving fans progressively inquisitive.

The vocalist did not label the photos. He simply shared them for the survey delight of his fans. Blended responses have pursued this demonstration by the starboy. While many censure him similar to a miscreant, others can’t resist hailing starboy.

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