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Endowed Slay Queen Teaches Guys Proper ways To ‘Slide Into A Slay Queens DMs’

Endowed Slay Queen Teaches Guys Proper ways To ‘Slide Into A Slay Queens DMs’

Wondering why you hardly get the attention or even replies of beautiful ladies on social media when you send them direct messages, well celebrity instagram model Roman Goddess has given you something to be happy about , she recently exposed how to get that lovely ladies attention through her dm, she actually came through for the guys, by teaching them how to ‘slide into DMs’ and how not to blow it up.

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According to the popular Instagram model, ways to slide into DMs include taking risks by asking for account number of the lovely girl or asking your girl crush out on a date for food and drinks and also starting off with being interested in a conversation that will interest her and make her feel comfortable with you.

Roman Goddess shares

Roman Goddess however added that there are also things you should avoid doing so as not to get your girl crush pissed, things like blowing up a DM move which  include, asking for a phone number outright she says that is too direct and will make the lady feel uncomfortable, teasing a lady’s body parts and also asking her to come over without engaging in a conversation.

Here’s her Instastory post below, what do you think?



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