Insecurity: Obasanjo meets Fulani group

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo is as of now meeting a gathering of ethnic Fulani living in South-west Nigeria. The gathering is planned for looking for approaches to determine mounting instability in the locale, which Fulani herders have somewhat been blamed for causing.

The gathering was driven by Saleh Bayari, the director of Gan Allah Fulani Association, with three pioneers speaking to every one of the South West States, just as Kogi State.

Mr Obasanjo was accompained by an individual said to be a casualty of an assault by herders.The former president in his appreciated discourse before a shut entryway meeting urged his visitors to feel free, saying he was persuaded they were learned enough to interface effectively.

“I need to likewise ask of you, we should not leave anything away from plain view, that is best way to get the best from a gathering this way,” he said.

“None of us who does not realize what has been going on about instability in the nation. We ought to have the option to get a path forward.”

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