Priest sentenced for defiling five-year-old

A 53-year-old minister, Gabriel Asateru has been condemned to five years in jail by an Ado-Ekiti State High Court for debasing a minor.

The police accused Asateru of pollution on Monday.

The offense negated arrangements of Section 31 of the Child Rights Law Cap C7, Laws of Ekiti State of Nigeria 2005.

Equity Oluwatoyin Abodunde held that the indictment has demonstrated its case past sensible questions.

Abodunde additionally requested the convict to pay N50,000 as fine as stipulated by the Child Rights Law, 2006.

The State Counsel, Mrs Ronke Odefola told the court that the convict submitted the offense approximately Dec. 23, 2016 at Ayebaju Street, Ifisin Ekiti.

She said that the convict, an Anglican cleric, debased the five-year-old when he visited her folks.

The blamed was first summoned in January 2018 and he argued not blameworthy to the charge, NAN reports.

To demonstrate the case, the arraignment called three observers from the workplace of the Department of Public Prosecution, as displays offered incorporated a specialist’s report, litigant’s announcements, and different observers proclamations.


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