Beyoncé Has Fans Convinced She Is Pregnant With Baby #4

Beyoncé’s fans are convinced the star is pregnant with her fourth tyke! The 37-year-old mother of three – right now – has been sharing some photographs from her late spring excursion with the family in the Hamptons, and incorporated a few shots in a shocking purple outfit.

Nonetheless, Queen Bey’s devoted followers broke down the photographs widely, and are all in understanding that she’s holding something hush-hush. Analysts went wild when they saw that Bey was covering her stomach with her arms and purple satchel, which was sufficient proof to persuade them she is preggers.

The image isn’t the main thing that has the apiary influenced that her and spouse Jay-Z are anticipating. Numerous individuals feel that the genius is dropping clues, for example, utilizing the shading purple and her references to the “Lion King.” One fan remarked expressing, “We’ve been stating muva is pregnant.. she’s been dropping pieces of information the whole collection. Purple is eminence… simba (King) (child) .. the lions nestled into a hatchling. There’s a lot more however recall that we said it!”

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