Buhari identifies the biggest challenge facing Islam

President Muhammadu Buhari, on Saturday, August 10, repeated his organization’s promise to the security of the lives and properties of each Nigerian resident. Buhari said this in a message denoting the Eid-el-Kabir festivity scheduled for Sunday, August 11.

In an announcement by Garba Shehu, one of his spokespersons, the president said the best pledge to Islam is for Muslims to incorporate its great ethics, and by making equity and exemplary nature the core value of their regular day to day existence. Buhari additionally begged Muslims to guarantee that they are the “reflect through which others see the great ethics of our confidence.”

The president portrayed Islam as a religion of harmony and encouraged the steadfast to dodge rough fanatic thoughts that give the religion an off-base name “in light of the fact that our lead leave more enduring positive impressions than what we state by overhearing people’s conversations. President Buhari further noticed that “Boko Haram turned into a savage power and a noteworthy security scourge since Muslim social orders were uninterested from the earliest starting point to the exercises of fanatic evangelists who control guiltless and artless supporters.”

As indicated by him, radicalism resembles a malignant growth, which must be recognized and annihilated from its beginning periods of development.

He, be that as it may, guaranteed Nigerians that the Boko Haram psychological warfare, kidnappings and different types of banditry would be managed uncompromisingly “until we see the back of these disasters tormenting our nation.

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