If An Ashawo Will Not Have SEX In Public, Why Do We Support Khafi And Gedoni? – Uche Maduagwu

Uche Maduagwu, a Nollywood actor, has queried why
BBNaija duo of Khafi and Gedoni would keep getting supports from fans following their sex exploit in the house.

According to the Nollywood actor who spoke in an Instagram post, he said even the commercial sex workers would not have sex in full public glare.
What he wrote;

If an Ashawo will not have SEX in public, why do we support Khafi and Gedoni BBnaija 2019 sex? #Nigeria is morally WEAK for accepting #Khafi SEX in #BBnaija if the UK #MET police frown at it. Even commercial sex workers on Allen will never have SEX with their customer in public, so, why do we celebrate this rubbish? Honestly, celebrities i Nigeria have failed the YOUNG people in #Naija morally for not asking for a ban on sex in #BBnaija2019, our social media activism is only against #Buhari, not to prevent nonsense and immorality. Imagine if the MET police in #UK frown at the shameless act by someone that is supposed to allegedly be a police office someone who should be morally upright, havin sex on live #television, seriously? Just last week, i caught secondary #school FEMALE students in #Ikeja watching Khafi and Gedoni Sex #video on #YouTube with their #PHONE,
and they are just teenagers, omg, dear parent, is this SEX on #BBnaija not affecting our children negatively in Nigeria? #repost #beautiful #Scotland #instagood #PepperDem #FollowMe #quotes #Nollywood #Abuja

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