Influencer Claims She Was Detained And Fined $39,000 For Prescription Drugs In Suitcase

An Instagram model claims she was detained by authorities for four days while travelling in Bali because of prescription medication in her suitcase.

The tourist also alleges she was ordered to pay almost $40,000 for her release.
Tori Ann Lyla Hunter, from Adelaide, was travelling from Australia to Bali at the beginning of this month, but was detained at the airport after customs officers reportedly found a number of prescription drugs in her suitcase, which are apparently legal in Australia but not Bali.

Hunter says she was subjected to an intense, 14-hour interrogation, during which time she claims ‘corrupt lawyers’ and Balinese authorities told her she could be released if she paid $39,600.

The 25-year-old reportedly had dexamphetamine to help her ADHD, Valium for anxiety and to help her sleep, and Seroquel for depression related to bipolar disorder, to help with sleep and management of borderline personality disorder. According to Hunter, she had a medical certificate which outlined what medicine she was carrying, the dosage she required and the reasons she had them.

However, she was told they were listed as ‘Class A drugs’ in Indonesia, despite calls to the Australian Embassy who apparently told her ‘there is no such list’.
Tori told the MailOnline :

They searched me on the internet, found out that I am a model, assumed that I’m loaded and that’s why I was personally targeted and extorted for $40,000.
Turns out my medications are Class A drugs in Bali according to a fictional list they gave me. After speaking with the Australian embassy I was informed there is no such list.

These people weren’t just ”doing their job”, people bring my medications into the country all the time.

Tori’s grandparents reportedly helped raise the money to bring the 25-year-old back home, while her mother is requesting notes and forms from the embassy to account for everything that happened during the alleged ordeal.

Tori has set up a GoFundMe page to help get back some of her costs she and her grandparents reportedly incurred.
Source: Unilad

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