Pretty Lady Disgraced For Wearing This At Night In Lagos Traffic (Video)

Pretty Lady Disgraced For Wearing This At Night In Lagos Traffic (Video)

A trending video of a middle-aged lady disgraced by onlookers on the street of Lagos has become a growing sensation after it was first shared on social media space.

The yet to be identified brown skin lady who is believed to be in her middle 30s was disgraced and body shamed for wearing a revealing show back dress tight on a motorcycle at night. Watch disturbing video below;

According to the Instagram video which depicted the lady sitting on a motorcycle stuck in traffic on a busy road which had inadvertently drawn attention on her dress and was seen adjusting her dress on the bike.

Other commuters and motorist found her actions disturbing, which resulted to name-calling and they booed her while some others came out from their vehicle shamed brazenly.

A lot of Nigerians reacted to the video and out-rightly condemned how the lady was reprimanded, insisting that in spite of the fact that her  dress was revealing do not give people the right to have treated her in such a demeaning manner . See some of the reactions below;

Micheal wrote; ”How does it concern them. same motorist that frequent oloshos from slums. Nigeria will remain backwards unless people start minding their business” .

Gofwane wrote; ”Why is it hard for people to mind their business? I’m waiting for the day i will be caught bleeping someone’s wife and people will try to parade us unclad, that’s the day people will understand the importance of minding their business.”

Adedapo wrote; ”Nigerians and not minding their business. They find everything wrong in how you choose to dress, your hairstyle, and your personality. They confuse self esteem with pride. The political class keeps them impoverished and they aren’t bold enough to make a fuss about it. Bunch of cowards with misplaced priorities.”

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