My mum has beaten, arrested, disgraced me – Beverly Osu

Actress and model, Beverly Osu, has said that her mother beat, arrested, and disgraced her while growing up.

The 26-year-old raised the issue in an Instagram post on Thursday before adding that they were now friends.
“Tomorrow is my mum’s birthday and this got me thinking ,I am her only girl and last born and I have been a problematic child臘♀️. My mum has beaten, arrested , disgraced and above all prayed for me “Teenage years “🤣. Now we are best friends and I now understand why she handled me like a thug 🤣 we are the same,” she wrote.

Beverly Osu raised concern over plastic surgeries gone wrong that sometimes cause weird body shapes in June.

“To the young ladies thinking about doing this, think very well if the short term gains are worth the long term risk. What is your body going to look like in 5/10years?

“If you don’t know you are still going to end up having to work out regularly and eating right. If you are not already fit fam then good luck to you . Don’t feed the monster called vanity . #Eatright #workout #stayactive #savemoney,” she wrote.

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