Pep Guardiola reveals cause of fight with Sergio Aguero

Manchester city could only manage a 2-2 draw with Tottenham,on Sunday, an the Etihad stadium in one of the hot interesting matches of the 2nd week , with one of the games highlight being the confrontation between the city boss and his top striker.

Two nicely scored goals from Raheem Sterling and Sergio Aguero each provided by the wonder Kevin De Bruyne ,have been cancelled out by an Erik Lamela distance strike and a 2nd half time header by substitute Lucas Moura.

However with the city looking desperately for a win, Pep brought in Gabriel Jesus to replace Sergio Aguero.

The decision did not move down well with the Argentina international as he headed directly to the dressing room before Pep accosted him.

An heated argument ensued before the former Bayern Munich manager was pulled away by certainly one of his assistants however Pep has doused the tension after the match insisting that his love for the former Athletico Madrid forward will in no way allow him bear ill will towards the striker.

“ i was unhappy with him for the fact we conceded,” Guardiola said.

“however it was just the fact that I wanted movement in the second half and Aguero could not do this. But it’s part of our game, it’s feelings and we talked after and talked all through. I like him a lot,” the city boss stated, shrugging off any thought of a serious dispute.

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