Transfer: Mario Balotelli Makes A Shocking Return To Serie A

Mario Balotelli is presently 29 and has just finished a transfer to enroll in his eighth professional club.

He’s desperate to get the attention of the Italy manager in a bid to make the squad for the European Championships next summer.

The BBC have confirmed that Balotelli has finished his pass to Serie A new comers,Brescia. He signed a 3 years deal, this move will come as a surprise to few.

He is at the prime of his career and when you recall the popularity he has, it would be easy to say he might be attracting the attention of bigger clubs.

His profession has been a complete mix of outstanding moments and horrible form as he’s bounced between top clubs in France, England and Italy.

His most brilliant spell in England was at man city as he performed a huge task in assisting them win the premiere League. His time at Liverpool was awful, lousy and is best forgotten about.

He was productive in France however neither Nice or Marseille seemed that disappointed when he moved on.

So he returns to Serie A, where his last spell was a turgid loan with AC Milan in which he only managed to score one league goal in 20 games.

Before then he had r a success spells with both Milan clubs and seemed to be one of the first-class strikers in world football.

If he can have a big effect with Brescia and allows them to live up following promotion then he might just manage to secure a place into the national team.

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