2019 BBNaija: Frodd, Sir Dee Prank Esther On Birthday

Frodd and Sir Dee, the two housemates in the progressing Big Brother Naija Pepper Dem scene, during the early long periods of Thursday, tricked Esther, another housemate, on her birthday. Reports have it that Frodd and Sir Dee, acted a warmed out a contention cum close trade of fistcuffs scenes, inciting different housemates, including Esther to surge out of their corners to anticipate a battle.

Esther, who had no idea of the trick, kept Frodd away from battling Sir Dee, while different housemates likewise acted along. Frodd in the arms of Esther, argued to be disregarded, saying he just needed to make Sir Dee see reason from his place of contention. Esther was all the while remaining among Frodd and Sir Dee, when the two men, joined by different housemates, all of a sudden chorused “Upbeat Birthday to you”.

Stunned and overpowered, Esther hurried to a corner where she was later embraced by her individual housemates, who wished her upbeat birthday reciprocally.

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