I’m able to resurrect DJ Arafat, but on one condition – Ivorian Pastor claims

An Ivorian pastor has declared that God has given him the move-ahead to resurrect the Ivorian DJ and Singer, DJ Arafat.

according to the pastor recognized as Koffi Duchrist, say’s he can resurrect DJ Arafat but on the condition that he receives permission from the biological family of Arafat and Minister Hameb Bakayoko, who is Arafat’s godfather.

I can resurrect DJ Arafat, but on one condition – Ivorian Pastor claims

He revealed that a few forces within the music enterprise who don’t need DJ Arafat to be resurrected but God has declared and he will revive him.

“God instructed me to do this, stay and watch for a length of 5 days, this is to say by Friday, the latest, i should get in touch with the circle of relatives of Dj Arafat.

If the family of Dj Arafat calls me immediately i can go away and regardless of the range of formol they placed in the body of Arafat, the Lord Jesus will resurrect it.

I have the feeling that there are people who do not want Arafat revive, i have the impression that there are wizards on this enterprise, so stay calm, I will tell you because when God has opened a door nobody can close it up Arafat will stand up and take the microphone to sing”, Pastor Koffi Duchrist revealed.

DJ Arafat originally known as Ange Didier Houon was an Ivorian DJ and music star who has several hit songs to his credit.

On eleventh of August, DJ Arafat was involved in a terrible motorcycle accident at Abidjan and was rushed to the hospital before his death.

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