Two Vehicle ‘Brainbox’ Thieves Apprehended In Lagos

The Lagos State Police Command has captured two suspects, who spend significant time in vandalizing vehicles and taking their Engine Control Units (prominently called brainboxes in Nigeria). The suspects, Sodiq Musa, 28, and Saidu Atiku, 34, were captured by agents of the Lagos State Rapid Response Squad at No. 27 Obafemi Awolowo Way, Ikeja, with three Toyota vehicle ECUs, while the third suspect, Ridwan Adamu, got away with the fourth ECU.

In his confession booth explanation to the RRS agents, Musa told the officials that Atiku, a security watchman working for an organization situated on that road where they were captured, had prior in the day called Adamu, the pioneer of the group, to come and take from the vehicles having a place with the organization, which were left outside the premises.

Adamu and Musa got to the scene around 1am and broke into two Toyota Hiace transports and two Toyota Hilux vans having a place with the organization and stole their ECUs, yet another security watchman raised the alert, which prompted Musa being gotten with three ECUs, while Adamu fled with the other one.

Musa was from there on taken to the RRS home office, where he admitted the contribution of Atiku, who purportedly welcomed them for the activity and dozed other than the vehicles, while imagining that nothing was going on when they were vandalizing the vehicles. Musa professed to be an alum of Political Science from one of the colleges in the nation and that he came to Lagos in 2017 looking for greener fields.

He stated, “I worked in different lodgings and occasion focuses in Lagos before I met Atiku, who acquainted me with brainbox burglary and showed me every one of the jokes of doing as such effectively. We use vehicle flash attachment, which we call the ‘enchantment stone’, to break vehicle windows without standing out.

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