Payback Time For Nigeria As U.S. Raises Visa Rate

• new price begins tommorrow

• mixed emotions as Trump mulls end to birthright citizenship

After more than 18 months of unfruitful negotiations with the Nigerian authorities to reduce its high visa price, the usa Embassy the day past invoked its reciprocity rule.

“the overall price for a U.S. Citizen to acquire a visa to Nigeria is presently better than the full price for a Nigerian to attain a comparable visa to america. the new reciprocity price for Nigerian citizens is supposed to take away that cost difference,” says a declaration by the general public Affairs section (PAS) U.S. Consulate General in Lagos.

The brand new price for all accredited programs for non-immigrant visas in categories: B, F, H1B, I, L, and R will begin the following day.

The assertion adds: “The reciprocity fee might be charged similarly to the non-immigrant visa application charge, additionally referred to as the MRV fee, which all applicants pay on the time of utility.

Nigerian residents whose applications for a non-immigrant visa are denied will now not be charged the new reciprocity price. both reciprocity and MRV expenses are non-refundable, and their quantities vary based on visa classification.”

Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and the UK have a number of the maximum highly-priced visa regime, with candidates being subjected to a couple of scrutiny and bureaucratic tapes by consular and security agencies.

Usa citizens pay as a great deal as $270 for a single-access visa. They’re additionally charged $160 for consular services, another $100 for ‘administration’ and $10 for ‘processing.’

As at may 2018, Mr. Sunday James, the deputy comptroller incharge of records management at the Nigeria Immigration service (NIS),was quoted through neighborhood media as saying he was “not conscious that Nigeria’s visa became among the most highly-priced.”

The House Of Representatives Committee on Diaspora had, in December 2017, queried the NIS for traumatic exorbitant amounts for visas.

The reciprocity rule entails that Nigerian applicants will now pay a software charge of a $160 and another $110 for visa issuance if successful. In addition they have a grace duration of 5 days to pay the extra issuance fee.

Similarly inquiry by The Guardian found out that Nigerian residents aren’t the most effective ones required to pay a reciprocity rate. The Department of State reviews the amounts foreign governments charge U.S. citizens on a regular basis and adjusts its fee schedules accordingly. It also requires citizens of countries that charge higher to pay a non-immigrant visa issuance fee or reciprocity fee after their application is approved.

Following the years of failed negotiations with the Federal authorities, through the foreign Affairs and interior ministries, the U.S. Department of state took the selection in accordance with section 281 of its Immigration and Nationality Act (INA).

The phase gives that the “branch of state establish visa rate similar to the overall of all visa, access, residence, or different similar fee, taxes, or costs assessed or levied towards nationals of the united states.”

The new price regime “applies to all Nigerian citizens, irrespective which region they may be applying for a non-immigrant visa to the united states.”

in their response to questions by The Guardians, spokespersons within the foreign and interior Affairs ministries neither proven nor denied the matter.

The Director of Press Ministry of interior, Mohammed Manga would not affirm if he was aware of the months of negotiation by the U.S. However directed questions to Mr. Sunday James.

The deputy comptroller first of all answered the cellphone call with interest but deflected when The Guardian sought to make an inquiry.

On the Ministry of foreign Affairs, efforts to get Mr. Kimiebi Ebienfa of the NIS media branch were unsuccessful as his telephone rang out. But later in the night he stated via a textual content message that there was no assertion from the ministry for now.

Meanwhile, some Nigerians have expressed mixed feelings following President Donald Trump’s declaration of “significantly” considering ending birthright citizenship for kids born in america.

Birthright citizenship in the U.S. Is obtained by using virtue of the circumstances of birth, contrasting with citizenship acquired in different ways, as an example with the aid of naturalisation.

” If Trump subsequently succeeds, it may be a good omen for the Nigerian government to sit up and enhance its healthcare facilities”.

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