I wish Gedoni will propose to me on the 99th day – Khafi

Embattled London policewoman, Khafi Kareem, has stated that the only thing that makes her happy at the moment is the thought that Gedoni could propose to her on the last day of the Big Brother Naija 2019 show.

The 29-year-old said this on Wednesday during a conversation with Omashola.

“Day ninety nine Gedoni is going to be outside anticipating me with a hoop in his hand asking me to marry him,” she said.

Omashola interrupts “not yet”, she then said: “it is unrealistic however that’s what is making me glad right now.”

Gedoni and Khafi had loved romantic moments together earlier before his eviction on August 25.

Gedoni, after his eviction, spoke with a vlogger about his relationship with Khafi.

When ask to say what he desire to tell khaffi at the moment , he stated, he is in love with her.

The pair was filmed indulging in sexual activities within the Big Brother Naija residence severally.

They had first shown the act on Saturday, July 20, then again on Tuesday, July 23, and again on Monday, July 29.

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