#BBNaija2019: Sir Dee Leaps To Victory

Just like all the Friday Night Arena Games, this one also took the Pepper Dem Gang on a trip to a unique place and time. This time, it was a trip to ancient Egypt to search for gold while putting scattered skeletons together and solving a complicated puzzle.

The course had only 4 challenges, but they only had to complete three. Challenge One and Two were compulsory while the Housemates had the choice to pick either three or four. Although the challenges seemed less when compared with previous Friday Night Arena Games, these challenges had the Housemates pulling out all the stops to complete each one. As usual, time played an important factor in tonight’s Games. Not only did the Pepper Dem Gang have to finish each challenge right, but they also had to finish on time.

In a race against time, Sir Dee hopped with style to win the Bet 9ja Friday Night Arena Games. Edging out Ike and Venita, Sir Dee made light work of the 3-course challenge in one minute, 39 seconds.


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