Nigerian Doctor ‘Banned’ After Doing This On Social Media ( photographs)

Nigerian Corper, doctor, rapper, dancer and actress, Cherry Entafield has cried out after she was shadow banned on Instagram for posting videos of her dancing with her boobs bare at the platform.

She is famous for her ‘bresking’ dance which entails dancing with her breasts by way of shaking them. This has earned her a shadowban on Instagram as some snitched on her via reporting her videos.

Take into account, She once told the Punch that her chest are her selling point. She stated;

“My selling factor is my bust; I’ve attempted different ‘selling factors’ however they did not work. I tried to be funny, but I only manage to get a few number of views. I attempted poetry for over a year and nevertheless had few fans. Now, after I put up a number of my old poems, people are constantly surprised at them. When i was posting them back then, nobody gave a f**k about them. My poetry and raps are gaining more traction.

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