Xenophobia: Video of white men attacked in Lekki, Lagos

Xenophobia: a few white men allegedly attacked in Lagos yesterday at some point of the protest towards South African-owned agencies in Nigeria over the xenophobic attacks on Nigerians in South Africa.

Xenophobia: Video of white guys attacked in Lekki, Lagos

There had been calls across social media for a boycott of the activities of groups with South African origin after which protests had been planned throughout the federation in opposition to these organizations.

Lamentably those protests went out of hand and brought about huge lootings in these mega shops and eventual assaults on people of foreign origin.

In the video, the alleged white guys had been singled out in the traffic at the Lekki-Epe express and their car was being vandalized by touts who glaringly hijacked the protest for their on egocentric gains.

The white men needed to alight from the car and escaped the scene to shop their lives, and then the touts made try to thieve valuables from the abandoned car.

They were later dispersed by the Police

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