Man who ‘died’ in 2010 storms court to protect his land from being stolen a stranger

The truth will sincerely overcome falsehood irrespective of how lengthy it takes.

A man mentioned to have died approximately nine years ago appeared in court docket on Wednesday, September four to protect his land which was at the verge of being stolen.

Francis Kimani Mungui alias Kimani Mungai from Kenya reportedly appeared in the Makadara law Courts positioned in Nairobi county to exposed one Ruth Wambui who had filed solid files to claim his assets.

Ruth Wambui had been litigating over the KSh forty million worth of land with one Kagure to whom Francis Kimani Mungui himself legally transferred it in 2015.

Although Kagure had legitimate documents to ownership of the land, Ruth Wambui told the court docket that her 64 year old husband died of blood pressure on October 26, 2010, and that she even acquired succession files from a Kiambu magistrate court .

according to Tuko.Co.Ke, she had moved to court after accusing Kagure and the registrar of lands of forging her “late” husband’s signature purposely to transfer the assets to the accused at KSh 10 million.

When Francis Kimani Mungui showed up in court docket, the alleged dead man confirmed transferring the land in contention to Kagure on July 30, 2015, after buying it from Kimemia Engineering construction limited in 1999.

Francis Kimani Mungui additionally denied ever marrying Ruth Wambui in 1968 and having eleven children along with her as she had claimed.

Man who ‘died’ in 2010 storms court docket to defend his land being stolen by a stranger

He told the court docket via his attorney Stephen Nikita that, in 1968, he was slightly 9 years old and could not have married Ruth.

To set the records straight, Francis Kimani Mungui stated emphatically that he’s married to one Alice Kimani who’s currently living in america.

The arrival of Francis Kimani Mungui in the courtroom apparently made the court work less complicated as all his claims confirmed the ones of Kagure whom he sold the land to, leaving Ruth helpless.

Well, Ruth might want to go back and get her facts right unless she indeed deliberately orchestrated a falsehood to claim ownership of what is genuinely not hers.

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