7-year-old Kidnap victim Identifies Alleged Kidnapper From group photo

A seven-year-old kidnap victim in Katsina state has identified his kidnapper from a collection photo he once took together with his friends.

Despite the fact that the victim regained his freedom after his father, Alhaji Hamisu Alolo, paid 100 thousand naira(N100,000) as ransom, the alleged kidnapper, Muhammed Shaibu was arrested because of the ability of the victim to recognized him from the image.

according to the police, the victim was abducted approximately 7pm on August, 29, 2019.

His cousin, one Almustapha Sulaiman of KTTV quarters, Katsina reported the incident at the central Police Station, Katsina.

Police investigation consequently brought about the arrest of Shaibu, 22, of Filin Polo quarters, also in katsina.

The police stated, “After the victim regained his freedom, he recognized Muhammed Shaibu from a picture and insisted that he was his abductor.

The police have slammed one count of kidnapping against to Shaibu.

The police prosecutor, Asp Sani Ado, said investigation at the case is still in progress.

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