Breaking; Sex Workers Protest, Demand Free Lubricants, Condoms And Security

Commercial sex workers recently took to the street in protest, while demanding for free lubricants and condoms.

The incident reportedly happened in Machakos, Kenya.

”We as sex workers are here today to ask Machakos county government what plans it have for us as we are the key population in this county.
We want to make sure that sex workers get lubricants, said one of the sex workers.’ the protest leader stated

One of the sex workers told the media that there was nothing wrong with what they do because sex work is work, The Guardian reports.

”We say sex work is work because we pay house rent, the money takes care of our children” he said.

They also said their work was also a source of revenue to the tourism sector in the country and specifically Machakos County.

”Many tourists come to Kenya because when they come there is everything, there is sex, what! There is nothing you will miss” he added.
The group leader also demanded the government to provide them with security while they are at work.

”We want our security to be assured before we go for our day to day business as prostitutes,” he requested.

Sex workers across the country have been complaining about their security.
Recently, in Chuka town in Tharaka Nithi County, sex workers demanded security from the county government.

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