BREAKING: Kim Kardashian Test Positive To Lupus

Reality celebrity, Kim Kardashian has tested positive to Lupus antibodies. Lupus is a systemic autoimmune ailment that happens when a person’s body immune system attacks their tissues and organs, inflicting infection can affect special body structures.

The health scare was discovered during the 17th season of ‘keeping Up with the Kardashians’ on Sunday night.

(NAN) reviews that 38-yr-old Kim discovered she was having a few traumatic symptoms.

“I’ve been feeling so worn-out, so nauseous and my palms are simply getting swollen. I feel like am falling aside. My hands are numb,” she stated.

Kim speculated that based on the symptoms she believed she might have rheumatoid arthritis but decided to seek out a professional opinion.

She stated, “It’s so scary. So, I had to visit the physician and know what’s occurring due to the fact i can’t live like this.”

Her physician called with the news that her blood tests revealed antibodies associated with lupus and rheumatoid arthritis which left Kardashian West in tears.

And even while her doctor advised her that false positive results for lupus are possible, Kim was still upset as he ordered a follow-up visit for further testing.

An emotional Kim told her own family that she will get further confirmation from her daughter. She stated, “i will know on Friday.”

Kim has often shared her health struggles together with her fans, including of her struggle with psoriasis and her difficult pregnancies. (NAN)

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