‘it is your responsibility to give your wife/girlfriend sxx 12-15 times per week” – Joro Olumofin tells men (video)

A relationship adviser, Joro Olumofin has counseled men to offer their partners good s*x approximately 12 to fifteen times in every week.

According to him,many men have been failing in their responsibilities and this has affected the smooth-running of their homes.

The recommendation was dished through his Instagram account.

This has infuriated Nigerian guys who believe having s*x with their girls simply once in every week or two times will do because of work pressure and different lifestyles engagements.

“men it is your obligation to give your spouse or girl friend sex 12-15 instances every week, every GIVEN week. Lots of ladies are suffering in silence of their relationships because of SEXUAL MALNOURISHMENT, lugubriously when a lady asks for much sex It’s either she’s pulverizing a mans Ego or she’s a “hoe”.

If you’re sexually occupying your woman sexually 12-15 times every week. You won’t have time for other women. Also if you can’t do this you shouldn’t be in a relationship” he said.

See video below;


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