Madonna offered Me $20M to Get Her Pregnant – Dennis Rodman

Basketball hall of Famer Dennis Rodman was involved in a excessive-profile relationship with singer Madonna throughout the 1990s, and many years later, he has shared some of the wildest information from their time together.

For the duration of an interview with 105.1,The Breakfast Club, Rodman claimed that Madonna once offered him $20 million to impregnate her

The 5 time NBA champion also revealed Madonna once called him while he was “rolling the dice in Vegas” to inform him that she was ovulating. After Rodman put a hold on the table, he hopped on a plane Madonna had sent for him and flew to New York. Afterward, he went right back to Vegas.

“I tried,” Rodman said of his attempt to conceive with Madonna.

This isn’t the first time Rodman has publicly mentioned his dating with Madonna. He formerly did so in January 2016 with Graham Bensinger:

Definitely, Rodman is more than open about his private lifestyles.

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