Rude Boy kick off new record label with Jude Okoye

Paul Okoye popularly referred to as Rudeboy and his elder brother; Jude Okoye have set up a new record label which they have named fire department Inc.

Rudeboy took to his Instagram page only a few minutes ago to put up a photograph of the record label’s cowl artwork and additionally to place up written antics that endorse it’s miles a logo that could soon resume full operation.

This will be the first time there could be any speak of a record label floating on both facet of the P-square brothers due to the fact that they went their separate ways in 2016 after some physical and verbal combat

Even as Rudeboy parted ways with his twin brother, Mr. P, they used to co-own a record label, square records. But since the defunct of P-Square, the record label has seized to exist and devoid of operations. It is a superb move by Rudeboy to determine to float another record label as we are hoping it will bring to the fore, new talents.

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