I can’t be friends with people who sleep with dogs – Appiah

Ghanaian actress, Diamond Appiah has taken loudmouth media personality Afia Schwarznegger to the cleaners indicating she cant be friends with folks that sleep with dogs.

Diamond Appiah is alleging that the controversial tv personality, Afia Schwarzenegger is into the bestiality hence the glowing animosity among them and other peers who’re into the movie enterprise

“As a lady, I need to pick out my friends wisely…Afia is by no means my mate and may never be my mate because a person who sleeps with dogs we don’t have anything in common”, Diamond Appiah said even as talking with SVTV Africa in a video sighted by Victhorebuz.

According to the former politician and entrepreneur, the conduct of Afia Schwarzenegger has been a barrier for the 2 to come together regardless of being inside the same career.

“Delay once invited me to film Afia Schwarzenegger onetime as she was playing my character as a musician but I don’t associate myself with people with such caliber”, Diamond Appiah justified her previous relations with Afia.


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