CLASSIFIED: Borno recruits 1,000 Hunters with “special abilities to disappear” to fight Boko Haram ⋆

The Executive Governor of Borno state, Babagana Zulum has begun to wage spiritual warfare against Boko Haram insurgents, by hiring 1,000 traditional hunters who are skilled in the art of diabolism.

These traditionalists were recruited from the North-East and North-West zones of the country

These skilled Hunters can be likened to the Japanese Ninjas, who possess supernatural powers such as the ability to keep out gunshots and also disappear from war zones and appear at a different location

Governor Zulum decided on this course of action after a seminar organised by the Nigerian Army to combat Boko Haram insurgents by engaging in spiritual warfare.

Zulum who is a Professor of Engineering gave a charge to 30 Islam Devotees in Mecca, Saudi Arabia to engage in daily prayers of peace in the state. The Devotees are expected to make this supplication around “Ka’aba” , which is known as Islam’s holiest site

A source who spoke on the condition of anonymity, who is privy to the secret recruitment, revealed the Governor is willing to try unconventional means to combat Terrorism in the state.

Newsmen learnt that the 1000 Traditional Hunters recruited, have intensified training in the last two weeks after they swore an oath of allegiance with Islam’s holy book, the Quran. Many of the hunters are Muslims

According to the source, “This is the first time outsiders have been engaged,” the source said.

“They are being brought into Borno in batches, often during the night in order to evade public attention.”

“The special hunters are being identified from all parts of the north-east and north-west, in particular, and engaged by a team of trusted aides assigned by Governor Zulum.”

The source also revealed that Governor Zulum has been doing everything within his power to fight Boko Haram, saying the Governor recently acquired 160 patrol vehicles and surveillance gadgets. These items have already been distributed to the traditional hunters.

According to the Cable, the actual number of Hunters recruited cannot be confirmed, the hunters are over a thousand.

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