Mercy: ‘I Blame Myself For Tacha’s Disqualification From BBNaija’

Bbnaija winner-Mercy revealed this during her first interview with the show host, Ebuka, yesterday and she spoke extensively on how she feels about Tacha.

Mercy says she regrets the whole fight that led to Tacha’s disqualifcation from the show. When asked if she regrets what happened between her and Tacha she said:

“Yes I did. I was blaming myself. All the housemates can testify, they were the ones that said no, it wasn’t your fault. It was bound to happen because I was like this girl I eally wanted her in the finals and I have said it a couple of times in the diary room if I am asked who do I want to see in the finals, Tacha is always in my Top 5. So knowing that it was because of me that she got disqualified, it was a hard moment for me.”
Asked if there is still hope for a friendship despite all that happened between them, Mercy said

“Yes, if she is open. I regret whatever happened but she is still a nice person.”

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