“I Will Never Think I’m To Big For God” – Cardi B

American rapper and ex-stripper, Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, known professionally as Cardi B, who recently turned 27, in series of tweets made it clear to her followers and all those who care to listen that she believes in God.

The rapper revealed that she never thinks, she is too big for God, neither does she think take his name in vain. she went on to explain why this is so and called out those who say she brings up God to justify what she does.

She wrote:“ I will never think I’m to big for God .God knows my feelings,God knows my sensitivity, God knows my emotions, God knows my intentions .If I’m ever wrong I ask God forgiveness because what I might thing is right is wrong but I as forgiveness to the LORD Not to YOU!

“Hate when people say i bring up God to justify what I do. No. I bring up God because he the one that knows how I really feel .He the one that hears my prayers the one who knows what makes me happy, mad, hurt, sad. He know My intentions and I don’t take his name for vain.”

She added: “People out here talking bout other people karma and how they heart works while constantly pushing hatred propaganda, how that works, mhhhmm how your heart work ?but the more people trey to destroy me the MORE I RISE! Facts! If I was to see God, if I was to see Jesus Christ in my dreams today, I would kiss his feet. Like I really want to give, I wish I could give God a hug, bro.”

See tweet:

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