The Secret the School System does not want you to know

The School system is actually teaching you to become poor, The school system would not teach you about money.

The school system only teach you to be an Employee (Doctors, lawyers, accountants, Industrial chemist etc), But never about money. Why?.

I asked my Lecturer when i was in school, i was like, Sir, Why don’t we learn about how to make money in class. And he said, Vic, the government do not allow us teach that subject, the government tell us what to teach and what not to. I taught that was strange??? Like are we not in school to learn how to make money, Isn’t that the whole Essence of school. And he says NO, Your Job is to get a Job. You see, Poverty is passed on from generations to generations, Its been Taught in Families,

Also middle class is also taught in families, The people that are sitting at home, struggling financially, also maybe making a lot of money but they are still unhappy with what they do, was probably taught to them, {Get a Job, Work hard or you will never be Rich or the Rich are Evil}, These are things taught to you!. I was in a bus The other day and i over head a Conversation, Someone said, Rich people are greedy, This strucked me, because, For someone to be rich, he must have given something to the Society, CEO of Facebook, gave to the society Facebook, Instagram etc, That is why he is rich, Dangote gave his, that is why he is rich and lot of Successful rich people gave something. Now what do poor people give. Nothing right?. It does not cost a penny to be creative. does It?.

Until we change our Mindset, Money wont help you. We see that with people who win Lotteries or Jackpot, They still have the same problems, because they have a poor man soul. If you are poor, you will always be poor, the money would disappear that fast. Mr Lipton would say, Poverty is passed down genetically.

The moment someone pays you, You think like and employee {Thats The Trap!}. Entrepreneurs Work for Free. As Long as you are Hungry, You would think.

When the bible says help the poor, doesn’t mean we should give them our spare change. we are only creating more poor people. Give a Man a Fish and he eats for the Day. Also if you give a man a fish, you get a lot of people who wants more fishes. But what you should do, is to teach Them how to Fish.

Poor people are going to be among us, because it is in their word, and the word is made flesh. When you say, I can not do this, your are set down, an you become what you have said. Poor people say, i cant afford it, I cant do it, i dont have time, Because it an Escape, Its easier to say I cant do it, or i cant go to the Gym, Whereas, its possible you could do it. So therefore, Instead of saying I cannot, I cannot afford it, start Saying, How can i do this, What can i do to afford it. Yeah, A Question opens the mind, But a statement Closes the mind. So when you say, I cannot do this, Your Mind is shut down, and you become what you say.

What Most people lack is Knowledge. Ernstine would say; Imagination is more important than knowledge, But What Vic would say is that, Knowledge Empowers Imagination. What most people lack is real Business knowledge, And it is never taught in school. That is why Most graduates are Unemployed, those employed are not happy with what they do. Because the system want you to not become rich. Untill you change your mindset.